Sword of Darrow

Riley was chosen to review a new book called The Sword of Darrow.  This was the perfect project for her – she loves to read & write.  She received and advanced reviewers copy of the book and along with many other children from around the Country provided her feedback before the final printing.

The awesome thing about this book is that it was written by a Father and his son.  They began writing the book together when Alex Malchow was only eight years old.  His dad, Hal Malchow spent two years helping his son make his story come to life.  At the time his son was battling dyslexia and struggling to read.  He is now a thriving High School Junior that is excelling in school.  It looks like they will be writing a sequel together soon!

They have a great program for teachers - especially for teacher’s of special needs or for children with learning difficulties.  Here are the details of the program from the site:

If you assign The Sword of Darrow to your class, you can reserve a time for the author, Hal Malchow, to appear via Skype in your classroom. All teachers who participate will receive free books for all their students. These books use larger type and more spacing to make it easier for students with learning differences to read.

Isn’t that great?  He will provide your students their own copy of the book & chat with your class via Skype!

Yesterday we had a chance to meet with the author, Hal Malchow.  What a great guy and an amazing Father.  We were very impressed.  You can tell that he was doing what he loved – talking to people about reading.

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June 29, 2011. Review, shopping.

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