Take Care of You…

No, this isn’t some healthy health nut post.  Now that all of the kids are back to school it is time to buy yourself some “back to school supplies”.  Look around.  Specifically, look at your lunch bag.  Is it disgustingly dirty?  Has it seen better days?  If so, buy yourself a new one.  If you carry it every day it is like a purse.  Would you use a sad sack purse everyday?  Here are a few cute ones…

You know how much I love Built NY.  They have some great new lunch totes out. They are also machine washable.  Bonus!

Rachael Ray’s lunch tote actually looks like a purse.  It comes with a food container.

I love how this bag by Milk Dot folds flat after you use it.  You could tuck it in your purse after lunch.  It is also PVC free.

I love these bags by Sachi.  They are super affordable too – only $15.99

August 31, 2010. shopping. Leave a comment.


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