Eat Cookies. Lose Weight.

When asked to participate in a Campaign through Mom Central for Underway and Smart for Life I was intrigued.  I have been eating clean for a few months now and am always looking to try new foods. The materials that came with my food samples stated that someone on the  program  could lose up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks eating healthy, all-natural Smart Foods.  A recent study done at the Boca Raton Smart for Life Weight Management Center. Out of 46 subjects that visited and used a portion-controlled, protein-rich, low fat cookie with unique fiber technology, all subjects lost weight with the average being 13.1 pounds in 35 days. Five subjects lost over 20 pounds in 35 days and 20 subjects lost over 15 pounds in the first 35 days. The 46 participants lost a total of 601 pounds with one patient losing 38.7 pounds in 35 days.  Sounds like it works to me…now how does it taste?

The Smart Foods line is designed to control hunger while providing you with healthy, non preservative, 60% organic food choices.   The premise is simple.  Eat 6 cookies (or substitute other Smart Foods) throughout the day.  Each cookie is full of fiber, flax seed, whole wheat, omega 3, and more.  Every time you feel hungry – eat a cookie and drink a glass of water.  Have a sensible dinner that includes lean protein and vegetables.  Lose weight.  Of course their guidelines are much more detailed than mine, but you get the idea.  Here is what I tried:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – loved these!  I heated them up in the microwave for an extra special treat.  They were so moist – yum.

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Again, yum.  The cookies taste more like a healthy breakfast square than a cookie.

Carrot Sunshine Cupcakes – One of my favorites.  Tastes like carrot cake…need I say more?

Chocolate Mountain Cupcakes – Not my favorite – but I really don’t like sweets or chocolate that much.  My girls on the other hand loved them!

Smart Crunch – This really satisfies your appetite!  It comes in a great little pouch that you can throw in your purse.

Chicken Noodle Soup, Chocolate Berry Cereal, Smart Bagel – all great ways to add variety to the Smart for Life plan.

My very favorite product was the Under Way Appetite Suppressing Beverage!  I tried two flavors – Grape & Acai-Pomegranate.  I really like them both!  Each 16 oz bottle provides two 10 calorie servings.  They contain zero sugar and are packed full of Herofiber & vitamins.  In fact, it has 15% of your daily recommended  Vitamin B6 & B12 in it!  How is that for healthy?  I actually found these in the health food section of my grocery store.

Conclusion – these are a great way for a busy person to keep their diet in check.  They do all of the thinking for you – you just eat.  I really found them helpful while traveling.  I just threw the foods that I needed for the day into my bag.  When I was hungry, I didn’t even have to worry about it – I just ate a cookie :)  I really enjoyed reviewing these products for MomCentral , Smart For Life and underWay.

I have a great deal for my  special readers…a 10% discount code for underWAY and Smart for Life products. Please use MCUS10OFFUW for underWAY products and MCUS10OFFSFL at for Smart For Life products.  Discounts expire August 30th.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review

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