My new smell…$15 Walmart giftcard giveaway too!

I love “smelly” things.  I am a huge fan of anything Febreeze.  MyBlogSpark and Febreeze sent me a few of their newest products to try out and I am hooked!  They are from their new limited edition Summer Scents Home Collection.

My absolute favorite product was the new No-Spill Wood Diffuser.  I’m sure you have all seen the scented oils with the wood sticks poking out of them.  This is better.   The top on the bottle of oil is made of wood and acts like the wood reeds do – only it screws on tight.  That means if a child or dog (or husband) knocks it over, it won’t spill!  I actually spilled this oil (from another company) and it took the finish off of my table.  The honeysuckle orchid scent is a really fresh light Summer scent.  The smell is very subtle.  The first night I set it up my daughter walked through the room and I asked her what kind of lotion she was wearing – it was that subtle.

Another product that I have been wanting to try for a long time is the Flameless Luminary.  I have seen the ads for them and thought they looked really pretty.  A great modern update to home scented products.  I tried the Cherry Blossom Whimsy and am hooked!  First of all, it is so pretty.  Very Zen looking.  But the true test was the scent.  Loved it!  Changing the scent is as easy as changing the shade.  Again, this is a really safe alternative to candles or oil.  It has the look of candlelight with no flame or heat.  Perfect for homes with children or pets.

They both retail for around $15…so I want to give one of you a Walmart giftcard provided to me by MyBlogSpark & Febreeze.  You can use it to purchase your very own Febreeze Home Collection Product.  Just comment on this post…let me know what your favorite smell is.  I will pick a random comment on Friday.  Good Luck!

July 8, 2010. give away, Review. 36 comments.


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