Where in the {blog} world is KatyShops?

globeI have a few places that I visit almost daily on the internet.  Kinda like checking in on good friends.  Of course my mom’s blog is usually the first place I visit (after FaceBook of course!), and then off to see what my sister’s are up to.  The next few stops are usually for inspiration – let me share them with you…

Cooking Sites:

  • My First Kitchen – Great recipes, great directions and beautiful pictures.
  • Pioneer Woman Cooks – Do not visit this site on an empty stomach!!  This is not diet food – but it is good food.  I have used many of her recipes and have never been let down.  She also has wonderful directions with pictures for every step.
  • Bakerella – I don’t like to bake and I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth…but for some reason I just love this “baking” blog.  It is entertaining and makes me wish I had a giant sweet tooth!
  • FayeFood – I love reading about Faye’s journey with food.  It is deep in her heart and soul – you can just tell.  It makes you long for the same passion in your own life.

Decorating –

  • A Soft Place to Land – Great ideas that everyone can use.  You wish she was your next door neighbor.
  • Nesting PlaceAnother great spot for genius ideas…she will make you feel like a “decorator” .  And you will wish that she was your other neighbor too :)
  • Kari & Kijsa – These two sisters are amazing…they can do anything (and do it well).  They have really great ideas…and I just love how close they are – they are so lucky to have each other.

Random –

  • Clemsongirl and the CoachI liked her in blogland before I even knew her.  I like her even more live in person.  She is witty and entertaining to read…but will always be there for her FIRL (that’s fancy blog talk for friends in real life).  Get a cup of coffee and start reading…just be careful not to spit it out when you start laughing hysterically!
  • Fitness for Mommies – Fitness tips and ideas.  Keeps me motivated to workout and be healthy.
  • Sasha Says – Sasha will set you straight on everything…from makeup and fashion to working out and junk food.  I think we would probably be great FIRL (do you remember what that means?).  We are both product junkies, runners, and mommies (plus we both drink beer).

Of course I have many, many more places that I visit…this is just a preview.  Where do you like to visit daily?  What is your “fix”?

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January 26, 2009. entertainment.


  1. Clemsongirl replied:

    Awwww..and it’s 5am …here I am checking out YOUR blog!

    Love you bunches!

    • Patchaya replied:

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  2. cindy replied:

    You’re the first one I check. I also like baking and books

  3. Sasha replied:

    You just made my day!

    I imagine we’d be FIRL as well! I’ll settle for FIMH for now!

    Just ordered an invisibelt and am going to order a monogrammed hat this week! You have the best suggestions!

  4. Fit Mommy replied:

    Hi, very cool that you like my blog. My daily fix is the same as yours with the addition of coffee.

  5. Laura B. replied:

    Pioneer Woman ROCKS!! Love her recipes, her easy to follow directions, and funny play-by-plays oneach recipe. She ranks right up there with you, Katy! = )

  6. Jane replied:

    Katy, your website is ” a breath of fresh air!” You write with expression and warmth to all of us. I always check your site for tips. I also look each morning at Dealio.com for coupons and special savings. Restaurant. com has great sales on certificates sometimes.
    have a great day!

  7. My First Kitchen replied:

    KATY!!! How sweet of you to list me in your favorite blogs! And in the company of Pioneer Woman and Bakerella?! They’re two of my heroes. Really, that was so sweet! I love your site! It’s so clean and fresh, and I love all of these product reviews. Can’t wait to come back!

  8. Advodocor replied:

    Wow… really cool theme. I will write about it too.

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