Oprah’s big beach bag

Oprah did her Top picks for Summer show on Friday.  While it is always super cool products it can be a tad hard to watch at times.  As soon as she mentions a product the audience goes crazy because they just know she is going to give them one.  I think the show would be better if they never panned out to actually film the greedy-eyed audience members slapping each other high five and screaming like Elvis had just walked on stage.  But she did have some great things to share for Summer…..

The Yummy Tummie Tanks actually slim your midsection under your top.  They come in Tanks or T-shirts.

The Rolling Duffel by Toss Designs is definitely the best looking carry on bag around!  The perfect preppy travel bag :)

The biggest shocker was the Best Mascara Award went to CoverGirl LashBlast!  Yay, something that doesn’t cost 6 million dollars!  It apparently has these special wax particles that coat your lashes and make them smudge free and luscious!  Best part is it will only set you back $7.50.

So give me a chance Oprah….I would be a great audience member.  I would have just the right amount of enthusiasm, wear a really cute outfit, and never ever scream when you give me something.  I might even tell you what I have in my beach bag….

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May 19, 2008. shopping.


  1. Angie replied:

    I have that mascara and to be honest, I didn’t think it was all “that”, but I’m going to give it another try. I was just commenting yesterday that while I love Oprah, I find the items she “loves” and the things that are featured in her magazine frankly outrageously expensive. Perhaps I’m getting old, but I find it hard to believe that the demographic that reads her magazine can afford the stuff that she features in the articles. For instance, a summer clutch for $249? Black pants for work at $325? I doubt Suzy would approve.

  2. katyshops replied:

    I totally agree with you Angie!

  3. Angela replied:

    I use the mascara and I do like it…..not because it doesn’t smudge (it does) but because it makes my lashes long and doesn’t clump them up……I need all the help I can get. I saw the Oprah show as well (thanks Tivo) and I also think most of her stuff is way too expensive…..guess we can all dream though……or find a cheap knock off!

  4. Sarah replied:

    I also watched the show and suffered from complete sticker shock at some of the items she “Loves” especially the Yummy Tummie tanks you also recommended. They start at like $62, do average people really spend that much on a Tank top even if it shapes you. One would need like 3 or more in different colors as they aren’t hidden under your clothes and are meant to show. Makes you wonder does everyone who comes from very little then becomes a bazillionaire loose the value of money? Some of these things just seem wasteful.

  5. Tamara replied:

    I purchased this mascara last week. I was looking for good, but cheaper mascara. I am getting married June 7th, so you know I wanted one that would stay put, not run if I was to cry. I absolutely love this mascara! My eyes seem to look so much wider, brighter and just more noticeable.

    Plus at a great price.

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