What are you dreaming about?

Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night I mentally go through each room in my house and list everything that I would like to do to it. Kind of like counting sheep only I am counting projects! Last night was a restless night and I was going through my project list…it was long! I would really like to update my cabinets, switch out my bathroom light fixtures, oh…and finish the basement.  Last year we replaced our windows, siding, and front door.  I found it is much easier to go to  American Home Craft Inc and look at my options online rather than roam through my local Home Depot.  They have a nifty little before and after for cabinets that I was looking at.  It makes me want to tackle this project ASAP!  Then there is the giant array of granite counter top options…19 different color options! American Home Craft makes it super easy to look at all of the options.  If you want more info you simply fill out their online form.  They are also very reputable.  In fact, they consistently rank high on Qualified Remodeler’s annual Top 500 Remodelers List.   I could go on & on about my project list…what’s on yours?

April 12, 2008. shopping. Leave a comment.


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