I have to share…some more

I want to share with you a few more of my birthday goodies….

My sisters Christy & Amy gave me the most adorable pair of sleep pants from the Gap. They have little Winnie’s all over them! Thanks guys!


My sister Jenny got me an awesome cookbook from Real Simple. It has really yummy & easy recipes in it. What I like best is the fact that it has nice photos of every recipe.


My friend Loretta gave me a bunch of goodies. I have to say I love the frozen mini drink kits! I made the cosmopolitan Popsicles this weekend…yummy!


Of course the bit-o-honey was nice too! Did you know that actually will get rid of your hiccups? Try it next time.


Two winning lottery tickets from Candi…and some non-winners from Sue…its the thought that counts!


The always appreciated Starbucks gift card from Maddie!


A lovely birthday blog from southern somedays….


Plus lots of other great presents and best of all a ton of birthday shout outs from all of my blog readers!!! Thank you guys…I really appreciate it!


July 23, 2007. shopping. Leave a comment.


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