Yay…it’s Wednesday! Here are some freebies to get you through the week:

Print out the coupon for a free appetizer from TGIFridays.

StayFree will send you some pads (not note-pads).   Another T-Shirt offer. Get two British Invasion CD’s from Bass Ale. One for you & one to give to a friend. How sweet.

This is really cool…you fill out the survey and hope that they pick you. If chosen you get a senseo coffee maker, coffee pods, a pod holder, and some coupons. All you have to do is pay $15 for shipping. It is totally legit…I was picked and got in on this great deal! I love my Senseo and could never go back to a traditional machine.

Awww, a free bee puppet. Visit this site daily and try to be one of the lucky ones to get free golf balls. Free tart for your tart burner (like a candle, but no wick). Know a biker? Get a free Biker Friendly sticker to make sure they are safe on the road (yeah Matt…this is for you). Use these free screen cleaning wipes on your monitor…now you can see me clearer!!

This one is courtesy of Madison…get a free ringtone for your cell phone. Its quick & easy! Go here and get one! I finally got the Sanford & Son ringtone that I have been wanting!!

Free playstation tennis game (demo).

Remember…tomorrow is Radio Thursday! Tune into KICKS 101.5 around 7:10 & 7:20 to hear KatyShops Live. I’m going to be helping you solve summer blues.

July 11, 2007. Free. Leave a comment.


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