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I am busy training for my first half marathon. Its been a while since I was a runner…there are some really neat products out there! I thought I would share what I have found for all of the Peachtree Roadrace folks:

Running SkirtWhen running I want my clothes to provide two major purposes…to look cute & be comfortable. The Running Skirt fits both of these needs! If tennis players can wear cute little skirts, why can’t runners? They can! They have two styles, one with bike shorts attached and one with briefs attached. They even have handy little pockets in them. They start around $40 and come in a ton of cute colors!


Lucy Active WearAgain, really super cute and extremely comfortable active wear. Most of their stuff is made with quick-drying moisture wicking properties – translation…you don’t get as sweaty! It is super ventilated too. I love wearing their tops while running.

run.jpg run1.jpg

Spira Running ShoesOnce you wear Spira’s you will never go back to any other brand again! They actually have a metal coil inside the shoe that just springs you along. It actually disperses your energy for you. The coil is so strong that it will actually out last the shoe. The shoes look great too, no one will even know that there is a coil inside your shoe. You can buy them online or go to a Foot Solutions store and try them out. They come in either men’s or women’s and running or walking styles.


Adeo GPSI like to know how far I am running while I am running. I make sure to take my Adeo along for every workout. The ADEO is a personal fitness training companion that connects to GPS to track & record your workouts. This lightweight unit works with any mp3 player, iPod® or alone with a pair of headphones. MotionTrak software (included) lets you chart and evaluate your workouts on your PC or Mac. No calibration needed. Just get out and go. It will talk to you while you are running along! Its very small and lightweight…fits into those tiny pockets in the running skirts! You can pick this up on their website for $149.


Amphipod MicropackI love my Amphipod! I use it all of the time – even when I am not running. It is like a fanny pack without the straps! It has a little clamp on it that locks onto your waistband. It does not bounce or jiggle when you run. It holds my cell phone, keys, debit card, etc. This would be awesome for traveling too! You can pick from seven colors and pay only $13!


Zym – This is a portable electrolyte drink. You just drop a tablet into your water bottle and you have an instant sports drink – minus all of the sugar! It has less than 1 gram of sugar per tablet. Its great for kids and adults, and athletes and non athletes. I know if I have a Zym’s tablet with me that I can restore my electrolytes in a jiffy! You can buy it in the Atlanta area at the PGA Tour Superstores or pick it up online. They start at $7.95 for ten tablets. I have been in contact with Brian, the creator of this product for a while now. He is an athlete that recognized the need for this product, developed it, and brought it to market. Thank you Brian for keep us all hydrated!


Kenakai Bandannas – Face it…its hot outside.  Running or walking makes you even hotter!  I stay cool with the Kenkai bandannas soaked in water.  Its amazing how much cooler you are when you have this on your head or neck.  They are made from an ultra absorbent fabric, which stays wet for a loooong time! They look ultra hip & keep you very cool.  I have a blue and chocolate brown one- very cute and handy!


Good luck to everyone who is racing in the Peachtree!



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