Get it free..

A free coaster cd. I guess its a real cd inside of a coaster. ???

After answering a whole bunch of nosy questions they will send you a free bungee cord.

A nice wood frame…from the GoInsulin site.

Help spread the word about cough medicine abuse and get a free manicure set.

A free practical gift/tool. What does that mean? This could be interesting!

Another Snack bar to try…this one is from ZoneChef.

More beef jerky! You have to print the coupon and take it to a Bass Pro Shop.

A free coupon for a Sausage McGriddle….delivered to your inbox – sweet!

Get a free towel. Might be nice for the rag bag.

Free Cross – this one is nice for kids.

Free T-shirt. You get to pick your size!

This is perfect for traveling…a Klean to go personal protection pack. It is a lifesaver in disgusting public bathrooms.

Speaking of travel…do you have plans to go to Disney this summer? This site will make you a free customized map of the park based on what you and your family like to do!

Take the quiz and get two wine charms (this is different than the wine charm offer that I posted a while ago). BTW…I got 8 out of 8 questions right!!

Maddie this one is for you (and everyone else who wears contacts) – Contact stuff from Bausch & Lomb.

Free fanny pack first aid kit.

Print out this coupon and take it to Sports Authority for a free football sack.

June 27, 2007. Free. 2 comments.


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