Radio Thursday – Monogram Goodies

I love it when things are monogrammed! I grew up without a middle initial, thanks to marriage I now have one. I guess that is why I have such a love of all things monogrammed…I was once deprived. Here are some of my favorites:

  • The Pink Monogram – I love, love, love this site! The biggest reason that I am in love with this site is the monogrammed sandals! These sandals are not only the cutest thing that you will ever wear but they are ultra comfortable too! I don’t think that I have ever worn mine without getting a compliment. You can buy the original Pink Monogram sandals and clogs online or at many stores in the Atlanta area. Click here for a complete list for your State. I have the pink ones with a chocolate brown monogram. The belts on this site are amazing too! Very preppy! What I like the best about them is that most of the belts are reversible – clever! Another favorite is the embroidered stationary. Truly amazing, they actually stitch the monogram right onto the stationary.

sandal.jpg belt.jpg card.jpg


  • Lauren NicoleFashions – Another great monogram site! Look at the adorable monogrammed skirt…wouldn’t it look cute over your swimsuit? I was floored when I saw the monogrammed earrings for only $8 (I got a pair with curly little K’s on them).




  • Morgan & Company – Yet another great monogram site! The coolest thing that I found on this site was the monogrammed buttons. You can make anything you own monogrammed by pinning on these cute little buttons! They are only $6 each and will save you a ton of money by being able to pin them to anything. My next favorite find from this site is the monogrammed flip-flops. How ultra cute! While on the site make sure to look at the wood jewelry…this stuff is so cute(and really lightweight).

button.jpg flip.jpg wood.jpg


  • Fontaine Maury – You have to see these person to truly appreciate how cute they are! She makes melamine plates with names or initials on them. The selection for kids is adorable. The art is original work done by the owner of the company. The plates are extremely durable and very reasonably priced. You can get them from her website or at many retail locations. Check out her website…be ready you will be compelled to order something!


Makes sure everyone know its yours….monogram it!


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